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Decades long doorstop reveals hidden fortune


The Edmore meteorite: A hidden treasure found in Michigan

The invention of one of many largest meteorites ever recorded in Michigan would possibly seem to be an occasion that may instantly seize the eye of specialists. Nonetheless, it took greater than 80 years for the scientific group to turn into conscious of this extraordinary home rock. In a stunning twist, the meteorite had spent a number of many years serving as a easy 10-kilogram (22-pound) doorknob on a neighboring farm earlier than its true significance was acknowledged.

Unveiling a Spectacular Mannequin

In 2018, geologist Mona Sierbescu of Central Michigan College (CMU) had the chance to check the rock, which was dropped at her consideration by David Mazurek, a person from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mazurek had had the rock for 30 years and suspected it was seemingly a meteorite.

Though Sirbescu repeatedly acquired such requests all through his profession, the outcome was generally disappointing. Nonetheless, upon inspecting the rock, he instantly realized that it was certainly one thing particular. He described it as essentially the most worthwhile challenge I’ve ever seen in my life, each financially and scientifically.

The rock, often known as the Edmore meteorite, was a large iron-nickel meteorite with a excessive focus of nickel, about 12 %. Its discovery was a traditional discover, however its journey main as much as Mazurek’s seize is simply as fascinating.

a traditional story of discovery

In accordance with Sirbescu, when Mazurek purchased a farm in Edmore, Michigan in 1988, the primary proprietor confirmed him the property. Through the tour, he encountered a big, strange-looking rock that was getting used as a doorstop to prop open the shed door.

Mazurek, curious concerning the origin of the rock, inquired about it. He’s stunned to study that the outgoing proprietor instructed him the door was locked, in actual fact it was a meteorite. He shared that he and his father had seen a meteorite fall on their property within the nineteen thirties with an unimaginable noise.

The subsequent day, they discovered a crater left over from the impression. By digging into the newly formed trench, they extracted the still-hot meteorite. The outgoing proprietor then informs Mazurek that, because the meteorite belonged to the property, it now rightfully belongs to him. Thus started the Edmore Meteorite’s 30-year tenure as Mazurek’s door.

Over time, Mazurek grew to become acutely aware of the rising curiosity and worth of meteorites, even in small fragments. This prompted him to get his huge rock appraised. The revelation of its true identification will need to have thrilled him, as meteorites are sometimes extremely prized for his or her rarity and scientific significance.

An exquisite windfall and a worthwhile enterprise

After a number of years of unimaginable neglect, Mazurek determined to promote his meteorite to Michigan State Faculty’s Abrams Planetarium. In a beneficiant gesture, he pledged to donate 10% of the proceeds to CMU’s Division of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, the place Sirbescu formally confirmed the meteorite nature of the rock.

The disclosing of the meteorite’s price tag revealed an astonishing value of $75,000. Not alarming in any respect for a product that has spent most of its existence as a specialty doorbell.

inquiries to ask

1. How lengthy did it take to determine the Edmour meteorite?

The Edmour meteorite went unnoticed for over 80 years, till it was recognized in 2018.

2. How did the meteorite come to David Mazurek?

David Mazurek acquired the Edmore meteorite after buying a farm in Edmore, Michigan. The outgoing proprietor reveals that the rock that was getting used because the door was really a meteorite.

3. At which school did David Mazurek preach the meteorite?

David Mazurek bought the Edmore meteorite for Michigan State Faculty’s Abrams Planetarium.

4. What was the worth of the Edmour meteorite?

The Edmore meteorite was bought for a whopping $75,000.

5. What portion of the sale proceeds did Mazurek donate?

Mazurek pledged to donate 10% of the windfall income to CMU’s Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Division.


The story of the Edmore meteorite exemplifies the stunning journeys made by some extraordinary objects. For greater than eight years, this huge home rock quietly served as a door, unbeknownst to the scientific neighborhood. Finally found and licensed as a priceless meteorite, it introduced recognition and monetary achieve to its proprietor. Its sale to a well-to-do institution ensured its preservation for scientific research and public show. The Edmore meteorite serves as a testomony to the potential for hidden treasures ready to be found even within the strangest of settings.

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