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Epic Monster Mash: Geralt vs. Dragonborn in jaw dropping artwork!


The Epic Encounter: The Witcher vs. the Dragonborn

A participant put her impersonation abilities to the take a look at and created an unbelievable illustration in the midst of a gathering mastermind Generally typically known as Geralt of Rivia and the Dragonborn The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, The portrait was then posted on social media by the artist and plenty of different avid gamers praised him for his illustration and argued amongst themselves over who they believed would win a one-on-one duel. mastermind and dovakin.

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energy at stake

Whereas the controversy over who would win in a struggle has been a timeless endeavor for gamers and followers alike, each the Dragonborn and the titular Witcher give extra of their swords in battle. As Geralt gauges akin to Igni and Quen to raise him, many demonic foes fall earlier than him and his obvious tenacity. Geralt’s tone can also be extra sarcastic, whereas the Dragonborn are normally a silent protagonist whose conduct is determined by who Skyrim Players need them to be. Nonetheless, with a seemingly limitless arsenal of Dragon Shouts and points at his disposal, few enemies have matched the supremely expert Dovakin. Nonetheless, that hasn’t stopped followers from questioning what would occur if these two characters meet.

painter’s sacrifice

On Reddit, a buyer named Entar0178, referred to as dndartstore on Etsy, painted his personal What If Hero Skyrim And mastermind Obtained truthful in a duel. The OP posted his oil on canvas portray on the r/TheWitcher subreddit. All through the portrait, the Dragonborn’s face is obscured and pasted precisely onto Blaviken’s butcher. Each the Dragonborn and Geralt are proven of their armor from promotional posters for his or her respective video video games, and every has his metallic swords drawn and prepared for battle. The city of Riverwood was chosen because the stage for the duel, with no guards or spectators, and an aurora borealis protecting the night time sky.

Entar1078’s portrait has over 1.1k upvotes on the r/TheWitcher subreddit. A number of Redditors recommended the OP for his portrayal. Nonetheless, nearly all options agreed that if such a struggle had been to happen, the extra various traits of Dragonborn dragon howls and issues would give him greater than a bonus. mastermind, Commentators additionally acknowledge that Geralt’s monster-slaying skills and wonderful resilience will hold him in fight for a while, guaranteeing he is not one-sided.

hypothesis continues

Whereas dueling a witcher in Riverwood could possibly be one of many strangest encounters the Dragonborn might face, it stays to be seen whether or not mastermind And the Elder Scrolls The Gathering could possibly be a crossover sometime. Until then these matches will stay within the minds of the gamers.

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steadily requested questions

Who’s Geralt of Rivia?

Geralt of Rivia is the protagonist of mastermind A monster hunter with assortment, enhanced abilities, and mutations. He’s acknowledged by his silver hair and two swords, one for people and one for demons.

What’s Dragon Row?

dragon’s cry is very probably The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim which permits the Dragonborn to achieve a wide range of achievements by talking the language of the dragon. These cries can be utilized for offense, safety, or utility skills.

Can Geralt use Dragon Shout?

No, Geralt can not use Dragon Shouts. Dragon Shouts that includes Dragonborn The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim,

Can the Dragonborn use gauge?

No, the Dragonborn can not use gauge. Indicators are Geralt’s particular expertise mastermind collected, permitting him to carry out sure magical spells.


Epic encounters between Geralt of Rivia mastermind and from dragonborn The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Ignite the creativity of avid gamers. The solid’s portrayal of the 2 characters getting ready for battle attracted consideration and sparked debate amongst followers as to who would come out on high. Whereas the Dragonborn’s Dragon Shouts give them an enormous edge, Geralt’s monster-slaying experience and suppleness will guarantee an uphill battle. The prospect of a crossover between the 2 beloved sport collections stays unsure, leaving these contests to exist solely in gamers’ minds.


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