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JRE exposes Google’s corner cutting in Pixel Fold teardown


Google Pixel Fold: A more in-depth take a look at its construct high quality and sturdiness

Smartphones have at all times been costly and fragile gadgets, and the introduction of foldable telephones has raised new issues about their sturdiness. Google just lately unveiled its first foldable cellphone, the Pixel Fold, however critiques have been lower than favorable. Now, breaking down the machine reveals the corners Google has put down in its constructing.

Inspecting Physique and Hinge

One of many many key components that have an effect on the power of a foldable cellphone is its physique and hinge. Within the case of the Google Pixel Fold, Nelson, the person behind JerryRigEverything on YouTube, found a couple of particulars throughout his teardown. Opposite to standard perception, the Pixel Fold’s hinge is made from aluminum and never stainless-steel as some reviewers have steered. This alternative of material explains why the machine bends simply below stress throughout power testing. The usage of aluminum permits Google to realize a slim design however compromises the structural integrity of the cellphone.

provide settlement

Within the case of producing foldable devices, the usage of robust and dependable supplies is of utmost significance. Nonetheless, it seems that Google has prioritized cost-effectiveness over firmness with the Pixel Fold. The choice to make use of aluminum as an alternative of stainless-steel within the hinge resulted in a weaker total development. Milling aluminum is a inexpensive course of than milling stainless-steel, though there’s a lack of vitality. This compromise hinders the Pixel Fold when it comes to long-term sturdiness.

waterproofing issues

One other space the place Google sees decrease corners is the Pixel Fold’s waterproofing. In contrast to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and Flip, which most certainly used an elastic compound for waterproofing, Google opted for a tough plastic materials. Though this alternative could have been made to scale back prices, it will increase the chance of the machine cracking and leaking fluid over time. The usage of further brittle supplies can undoubtedly compromise the longevity and reliability of the Pixel Fold.


Provide: JerryRigEverything


The Google Pixel Fold, touted as a competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold cellphone, falls brief when it comes to construct high quality and sturdiness. The usage of aluminum throughout the physique and hinges reduces its power, and the choice of arduous plastic supplies for waterproofing will increase the potential for injury over time. As a premium machine priced at $1,800, it is low cost to hope to construct and provide. Google ought to be taught from this experience and enhance in future iterations to face the competitors and meet buyer expectations.

steadily Requested query

1. What’s the construct high quality of the Google Pixel Fold?

The construct high quality of the Google Pixel Fold has been a topic of criticism. Its hinge physique is made from aluminum, which compromises its power in comparison with gadgets with stainless-steel hinges.

2. Why did Google use aluminum as an alternative of stainless-steel?

Google opted for aluminum to have the ability to obtain a slimmer design for the Pixel Fold. Nevertheless, this alternative sacrificed the machine’s energy and long-term sturdiness.

3. How does the Pixel Fold’s waterproofing evaluate to Samsung’s gadgets?

In contrast to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and Flip, which use an elastic compound for waterproofing, the Pixel Fold makes use of a tough plastic materials. This feature will improve the probability of cracking and fluid loss over time.

4. Is the Pixel Fold price ticket value it?

Contemplating issues about its construct high quality and sturdiness, the Pixel Fold did not supply the standard stage anticipated for its $1,800 price ticket. Prospects ought to think about their choices fastidiously earlier than investing on this machine.


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