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Lini in Genshin Impact: Top builds, weapons, artifacts and more!


Genshin Have an effect on information: Every little thing you should learn about Fontaine’s new character Lini


The newest replace to Genshin Impact, model 4.0, introduces gamers to a brand new and extremely anticipated character named Lini. Lini is from the Nation of Justice, Fontaine, a brand new space to seem within the recreation. Alongside along with her sister Lynette, Linney is finest recognized for working a well-liked magic present at Fontaine’s courtroom, the place they carry out spectacular tips to entertain the viewers. On this in-depth look, we’ll take a more in-depth take a look at Lini’s talents, together with her talents, passives, and the perfect builds, weapons, and artifacts for her.

Lini Data: Abilities and Passives

Lynne Kaushal

Like different banned five-star characters, Lini has a singular playstyle. His common assault consists of a collection of 4 consecutive assaults utilizing the bow. His charged assault has two cost ranges – the primary cost offers pyro injury, whereas the second charged shot fires a prop arrow, which will increase injury and summons the Grin-Malkin Hat. The Grin-Malkin Hat assaults enemies each 5 seconds and has one much less HP than Linnie’s max HP. When destroyed, it offers pyro injury to the opponent known as Pyrotechnic Strike.

Additionally, when capturing prop arrows, if Lini has greater than 60% of her max HP, she consumes a portion to realize a prop surplus stack (as much as 5 stacks). The prop arrow moreover triggers Arkh: Pneuma, inflicting Spiritbreath Thorn to land on the arrow’s hit spot and deal injury to Pyro.

Lini’s elemental expertise makes use of stacked-up prop surplus to deal further injury, the quantity of AOE injury taken will depend on the variety of stacked prop surplus. If 5 surpluses are stacked, the injury will increase considerably. As well as, Lini’s elemental expertise permits her to get better misplaced HP by stacking props.

Lini’s elemental blast transforms her into Grin-Malkin Cat, which strengthens her motion velocity. When he will get near enemies, flames assault them, inflicting injury to Pyro. After the explosion ends, it triggers pyro AOE injury and summons Grin-Malkin Hat whereas stacking a prop surplus stack.

lini passives

Linney has three extremely efficient passives that complement his skills. His first passive, Perilous Effectivity, restores 3 energy and when Grin-Malkin is summoned by prop arrows, he’ll improve Lini’s injury on his assault by 80%.

Her second passive, Conclusive Ovation, will improve Lini’s base assault by 60% when attacking enemies affected by the Pyro facet. As well as, all Pyro members of the crew, besides Lini, obtain a 20% bonus to their base assault.

Lastly, Lini’s third passive, Trivial Commentary, exhibits the placement of close by sources in Fontaine on a mini-map, making it simpler for players to gather useful gadgets.

Lini Data: Experience Stage Up and Ascension Provide

To be able to degree up Lini and improve her talents, gamers want particular components. Ascending Lini requires Fontaine-exclusive provides, corresponding to Rainbow Rose, Emperor’s Determination and Primordial Grainbloom, which might be obtained by defeating File and the Emperor of Iron in Fontaine and the Warden of Oasis Prime in Sumeru. Nahida’s story quest should even be accomplished with a view to unlock the latter boss.

Here’s a listing of the provides wanted for Lynne’s ascension:

Lini Ascension Provide in Genshin Impact

– Agnidus Agate Silver: 1
– Egnidus Agate Fragments: 9
– Egnidus Agate Chunk: 9
– Ignidus Agate Gemstone: 6
-Rainbow Rose: 168
– Judgment of the Emperor: 46
– Recruit’s Insignia: 18
Sergeant’s Insignia: 30
– Insignia of Lieutenant: 36
– Hero’s Knowledge: 419
– Mora: 2,092,530

To boost Linnie’s talents, players will want the next provides:

Linney Experience Stage Up Provides

– Teachings of Equality: 9
Fairness Data: 63
– Philosophy of Equality: 114
– Recruit’s Insignia: 18
– Sergeant’s Insignia: 66
– Insignia of Lieutenant: 93
– Primordial Greenbloom: 18
– Crown of Notion: 3
– Mora: 4,957,500

When prioritizing enhancements to Linney’s specializations, it’s prompt to concentrate on her elemental burst first, adopted by cost assaults, after which primary abilities. This command maximizes Lini’s injury output, particularly if there may be one other Pyro character on the crew.

Biggest construct for Lini in Genshin Impact

For an optimum lini construct, the Marechaussee Hunter Artifact set proves to be the best. This set will increase regular and charged assault injury by 15%, and the 4-piece set will increase or decreases crit cost by 12% for five seconds (max. 3 stacks) when growing or lowering bonus HP. Since Lini’s charged assault and elemental expertise devour and restore HP respectively, this set syncs successfully along with her playstyle.

If it turns into difficult to acquire good Marechaussee Hunter artifacts, the Lavawalker artifacts set can function an appropriate substitute. This set reduces the opponent’s pyro resistance by 40% when carrying a 2-piece artifact and can improve pyro injury by 35% when carrying a 4-piece artifact. Alternatively, gamers can go for a mixture of the 2-piece Marechaussee Hunter and 2-piece Purple Witch of Flames, or the total 4-piece Wanderers Troop set, which will increase charged assault injury by 35%.

To maximise Linney’s potential, players ought to make certain her stats align with the next suggestions:

– HP: any worth
– Assault: NA (Base assault nonetheless unknown)
– Elemental Mastery: any worth
– Crit Cost (if Marechaussee Hunter set is on): 40%+
– Crucial Injury: 200%+
– Vitality Recharge: 150%+

lini biggest weapon in genshin impact

Since Lini advantages vastly from excessive crit values, it is very important equip her with weapons that improve vital injury. Fortunately, there are many weapons in Genshin Impact that fill this want. A few of the finest weapons for Lini are listed right here:

1. First Good Spell: This five-star bow is Lini’s signature weapon and offers a most vital injury of 66.1%. Will increase its passive assault by 12% and offers gimmicks and theatrics stacks primarily based on the fundamental sort of the wielder and different occasion members. These stack additional present ATK and Movement SPD bonuses.

2. Aqua Simulacra: Though not Lini’s signature weapon, Aqua Simulacra is one other wonderful possibility for her. This weapon offers a major improve in crit injury to 88.2% at degree 90. Will increase the wielder’s HP by 16% and offers a 20% injury improve on and off the sphere.

3. Blackcliff Warbow: This weapon belongs to the Blackcliff sequence and might be obtained from the Blackcliff sequence of weapons. It reduces crit injury sub-stat and will increase assault ratio by 12% for 30 seconds (max 3 stacks). Its look additionally enhances the pyro facet of Lini.

Honorable Mentions: Skyward Harp, Slingshot, Polar Star, Thundering Pulse, Prototype Crescent

Genshin Impact Lini: Biggest Workers Creations

Lini’s passive expertise, Conclusive Ovation, grants a major assault enhance to different Pyro characters, making her sub-DPS possibility. Nevertheless, for gamers preferring to make use of him as their primary DPS, listed below are some helpful crew compositions:

1. DPS Line Workers:
– Lini (DPS)
– Dehya (Sub-DPS or Help)
– Xingqiu (Assist and Primary Responses)
– Bennett (help and therapeutic)

2. Pyro Elemental Workers:
– Lini (DPS)
– Diluk (DPS)
– Jiangling (Assist and Elemental Reactions)
– Mona (Sub-DPS & Crowd Administration)

3. Basic Mastery Workers:
– Lini (DPS)
– Zhongli (Assist and Safety)
– Fischel (Assist and Primary Responses)
– sucrose (sub-dps or support)

Lini is an thrilling and versatile character within the 4.0 replace of Genshin Impact. Along with his distinctive talents, which embrace summoning the Grin-Malkin Hat and his highly effective elemental blast, he presents gamers a brand new and thrilling gameplay expertise. By following useful builds, leveling up her talents, and equipping her with the correct weapons and artifacts, players can harness Lini’s full potential and dominate battles.

Ceaselessly Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can Lini be obtained without charge in Genshin Impact?

A: No, like


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