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Mysteries Revealed: 9 Interesting Questions Left Behind by the Tears of Empire!


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Unanswered Questions and Speculations

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom uncovers the historical past of Hyrule, revealing very important data and elevating questions on this world’s previous, current and future. Nonetheless, regardless of the solutions it offered, there are nonetheless some unsolved mysteries that go away followers speculating. On this article, we’ll discover a number of the burning questions posed by the gameplay, story, and lore of Tears of the Kingdom.

When will Zelda have the chance to actively take part?

A query that usually arises amongst followers is when Zelda will lastly have an opportunity to actively take part within the recreation as an alternative of drifting off whereas Hyperlink and her mates do all of the work. Many gamers have been eager for a playable Zelda character in one of many flagship video games. In Tears of the Kingdom, Zelda’s function is as soon as once more passive, and followers look ahead to seeing her taking motion and contributing to the story. Whereas her story on this recreation is emotionally impactful as she turns into an immortal dragon despatched into the previous, followers wish to see her do much more than simply look forward to her male counterpart. It is an attraction to Nintendo to provide Zelda an opportunity to shine.

Timeline and continuity of Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom

One other burning query revolves across the place of Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom in your entire timeline of The Legend of Zelda collection. Due to the time journey parts in Tears of the Kingdom, it is pure to marvel the place it falls within the chronology of the collection. The sport’s producers and director have talked about that they happen on the finish of the timeline, however the particular timeline division stays unclear, leaving it to the participant’s creativeness.

Tears of the Kingdom introduces flashbacks of the Prisoner of Battle, an occasion beforehand talked about in A Hyperlink to the Previous. Nonetheless, the sport’s depiction of this battle contradicts established lore, resulting in hypothesis that Breath of the Wild and its sequel might exist in a brand new continuity. Though it’s not explicitly acknowledged throughout the recreation, it has left followers questioning concerning the true nature of the timeline and the way it connects to earlier Zelda video games.

Did Zelda see the occasions of the opposite video games?

An fascinating query is whether or not Princess Zelda’s incarnation in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom was current in any kind in all the opposite video games. In Tears of the Kingdom, Zelda transforms into an ageless and mindless dragon to make sure that Hyperlink can retrieve the Grasp Sword. As this recreation allegedly represents the top of the timeline, which means Zelda would have been alive in Hyrule throughout each different Legend of Zelda recreation.

Nonetheless, when Zelda returns to her human kind on the finish of Tears of the Kingdom, she has no reminiscence of her time as a dragon. This might doubtlessly develop into a plot level in a fictional third recreation and supply a chance for Zelda to play a extra energetic function within the story.

Triforce work in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom

An fascinating query emerges relating to the Triforce, the magical energy supply that hyperlinks Hyperlink, Zelda, and Ganondorf within the earlier video games. Though Ganondorf returns in Tears of the Kingdom, there could also be minimal reference to the Triforce and its significance. In earlier video video games, the Triforce represented braveness, knowledge, and vitality, just like the beliefs of the first characters.

In Tears of the Kingdom, the Triforce seems a lot much less prominently, primarily within the composition and as a tattoo on Sonia’s arm. Whereas it is refreshing to see video games taking new instructions and never being tied to earlier traditions, the absence of the Triforce as a significant plot level raises curiosity about its relevance on this universe.

Is Ganondorf actually gone without end?

In lots of Zelda video games, Ganondorf is often sealed reasonably than utterly defeated. This permits future video video games to reintroduce it whereas sustaining the historical past and continuity. Nonetheless, in Tears of the Kingdom, Ganondorf transforms right into a dragon and is finally destroyed in an explosive finale. This definitive ending for Ganondorf has followers questioning what evil drive may come up in potential future video games and the way it will relate to the occasions of this installment.

A notable query arises relating to Prince Sidon’s relationship with Hyperlink and his devotion to his fiancée Yona. On the finish of Tears of the Kingdom, Sidon dedicates himself to turning into the Sage of the Waters and defending Zelda and Hyrule. Nonetheless, this determination raises considerations about his capacity to satisfy his duties as Jonah’s husband whereas touring with Hyperlink.

Given the apparent love and powerful bond between Hyperlink and Sidon, some followers even recommend that Sidon ought to rethink her impending marriage and prioritize her friendship with Hyperlink. This selection will allow Sidon to completely immerse himself within the adventures and experiences awaiting him in Hyrule, whereas Jonah can create a brand new and fulfilling life for himself.

Reverse dragons character in Hyrule

Tears of the Kingdom introduces further dragons that play a bigger function within the recreation. Along with Zelda’s transformation into a gentle dragon, there are three others named Dineral, Pharosh, and Nydra. His presence raises questions relating to his origins and function within the story of Hyrule. Do these dragons have particular powers or ties to the first characters and customary destinies of the Dominion?


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has undoubtedly attracted avid gamers with its intense story and gameplay. As followers delve into the sport’s lore, many questions emerge, sparking hypothesis and curiosity concerning the previous, current, and way forward for the Zelda universe. Whereas these questions might stay unanswered for now, they gasoline curiosity and anticipation for future installments, holding the magic of Hyrule alive in gamers’ hearts.

normal query

1. Will Zelda be a playable character in a future Legend of Zelda online game?

Whereas followers have been vocal about their need for Zelda to play a extra energetic function within the video games, Nintendo has not confirmed whether or not or not she’s going to develop into a playable character in future installments. Nonetheless, with the emotional impression of Zelda’s story in Tears of the Kingdom, there’s hope that Nintendo will take into account giving gamers the chance to expertise the sport from Zelda’s perspective.

2. Does Tears of the Kingdom exist within the new continuity in any respect?

Tears of the Kingdom’s actual place within the general timeline of The Legend of Zelda collection is open to interpretation. The sport introduces some parts that appear to contradict established lore, resulting in hypothesis that it could exist in a brand new continuity or department from the present timeline. Nonetheless, with out express affirmation from Nintendo, the character of the sport’s continuity stays a matter of debate amongst followers.

3. Will Ganondorf return in a future online game?

Whereas Ganondorf’s explosive demise in Tears of the Kingdom seems to be remaining, it’s a must to do not forget that The Legend of Zelda collection typically offers with magic and reincarnation. Nintendo has the freedom to carry Ganondorf again in future video video games, clarifying and increasing his character’s historical past and function throughout the Zelda universe.

4. What’s the significance of the Triforce in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom?

The Triforce, which represents braveness, knowledge, and vitality, has been a distinguished picture and driving drive in earlier Legend of Zelda video video games. Nonetheless, Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom provide a singular technique, with minimal emphasis on the narrative significance of the Triforce. It’s unclear whether or not this marks a deliberate departure from earlier traditions or a brand new interpretation of its function within the story.

5. What are the origins and powers of dragons in Hyrule?

Tears of the Kingdom options a number of dragons within the recreation, every with distinct names and traits. Whereas Zelda’s transformation into a gentle dragon is defined, the opposite dragons’ origins and particular powers stay a thriller. Followers proceed to take a position about his significance within the recreation’s lore and his potential ties to the destiny of Hyrule and its inhabitants.

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