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New feathered miracle: Scientists have discovered a type of feathered star with 20 arms



Researchers not too long ago made an attention-grabbing discovery within the waters close to Antarctica. They’ve recognized a wholly new species of feather star that has an uncommon function: it has 20 arms. The Antarctic strawberry feather star, as it’s recognized, belongs to the ocean stars and belongs to the group of Antarctic feather stars. This distinctive creature has mesmerized scientists and has been given the identify of the fruit due to its resemblance to a strawberry. On this article, we’ll look into the small print of this extraordinary discover and spotlight the traits of the Antarctic strawberry feather star.

Discovery of the Antarctic Strawberry Feather Star

Throughout their expedition to the seas close to Antarctica, the researchers got here throughout a beforehand unknown species known as the Antarctic Strawberry Feather Star. These sea creatures have 20 arms, a few of that are toothed whereas others are finned. Based on Greg Rouse, professor of marine biology on the College of California, San Diego, this distinctive creature can attain lengths of as much as eight inches. Rouse, together with researchers Emily McLaughlin and Nereid Wilson, printed their findings final month in Invertebrate Systematics, a scientific journal.

At first look, the Antarctic Strawberry Feather Star won’t seem like a strawberry. But, upon nearer inspection, a small bump may be seen on the high of its arms that displays the dimensions and form of the fruit. The round protuberances on its physique are normally attachment factors for brief, tentacle-like chains known as cirri. With the intention of unveiling these binding components, a few of the sirri have been eliminated, giving a fruit-like look. Rouse factors out that cirrus birds have brief claws that enable them to cling to the ocean ground. The lengthy, feathery arms of the Antarctic strawberry feather star make it simple to maneuver round.

title and classification

The newly found species has been formally named Promachocrinus fragarius. Categorized below the category Crinoidea, which incorporates sea stars, sea urchins, sand {dollars}, and sea cucumbers, Promachocrinus fragarius belongs to a bunch of feather stars discovered inside the Antarctic area. The generally named Antarctic winged star is usually used to seek the advice of such uncommon creatures. Based on the analysis paper, the identify fragarius is derived from the Latin phrase fragum, that means strawberry.

Initially, there was solely a single acknowledged species within the Antarctic feather star group, known as Promachocrinus kerguelensis. Nevertheless, via intensive sampling efforts within the Southern Ocean, a workforce of scientists from Australia and the US found 4 distinct species that might fall below this group. The Antarctic Strawberry Feather star stands out due to its 20 arms. Most feather stars usually have 10 sides. With this unprecedented discovery, the variety of species within the Antarctic feather star class has elevated to a complete of eight. It contains all 4 not too long ago found species, in addition to beforehand acknowledged animals mistakenly thought-about distinct species.

housing and distribution

Based on the evaluation paper, the Antarctic strawberry feather star was discovered from about 215 toes under sea degree to a depth of three,840 toes. These creatures reside within the frigid waters surrounding Antarctica, the place they navigate the seafloor and make their properties.

view of one other world

From their paper, the researchers acknowledged the extraterrestrial side of the swimming actions displayed by feather stars. These intriguing creatures transfer in a means that just about appears unusual, capturing the creativity of scientists and observers alike.


The invention of the Antarctic Strawberry Feather star offers an uncommon perception into the various and interesting world of marine life. With its 20 arms and distinctive strawberry look, this species stands out from its counterparts. The identification of 4 new species and the reclassification of beforehand acknowledged species additional enriches our understanding of the Antarctic feather star group. It serves as testomony to the vastness of the underwater world and the myriad potentialities for model new discoveries awaiting us.

steadily requested questions

1. What’s the Antarctic Strawberry Feather Star?

The Antarctic Strawberry Feather Star is a newly found species with 20 arms. It belongs to the group of Antarctic feather stars and is attributed to sea stars.

2. How did the researchers set up this species?

Scientists named the species Promachocrinus fragarius, fragarius being derived from the Latin phrase for strawberry.

3. How deep underground was the Antarctic Strawberry Feather star discovered?

These creatures have been discovered at depths starting from about 215 toes to three,840 toes under sea degree.

4. What number of species are at the moment categorised below the category Antarctic feather star?

With the invention of the Antarctic Strawberry Feather Star and three different not too long ago acknowledged species, there are at the moment a complete of eight species within the class Antarctic Feather Star.

5. How usually are new species found?

The invention of recent species shouldn’t be uncommon. Actually, the evaluation workforce on the Scripps Institution of Oceanography on the College of California, San Diego names about 10 to fifteen new species every year.

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