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Starfield guide unveils exoplanets and star systems in 60 characters


Whole Number of Planets in Starfield

Starfield, an upcoming recreation centered on house exploration, is all set to supply gamers an enormous and unknown universe to journey by means of. With a lot to find, it is solely pure to marvel what number of planets are included within the recreation. Successfully, we have the reply for you.

Throughout a deeper dive into Starfield, it was revealed that the sport would have over 1,000 planets for gamers to discover. The planets are a mixture of procedurally generated and hand drawn creations, guaranteeing a diverse and fascinating gaming expertise. These planets might be unfold throughout as much as 100 totally different star techniques, every with its personal distinctive traits similar to climate patterns and species.

What number of planets in Starfield are liveable?

Whereas the vastness of house would possibly recommend an infinite variety of liveable planets, the reality is sort of totally different. In Starfield, not each planet could also be appropriate for habitation. Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply that these planets are irrelevant or unimportant.

In response to Starfield Recreation Director Todd Howard, about 10% of the sport’s 1,000 planets could also be liveable. This implies gamers can anticipate to find and doubtlessly colonize round 100 liveable planets. Nonetheless, the remainder of the planets nonetheless have distinctive properties of their very own and might be explored for mined supplies or handcrafted encounters.

Wonderful Starfield Planets Confirmed

In the course of the Starfield Direct deep dive, a number of planets have been highlighted as key areas inside the recreation. These planets function inhabited colonies inside the Starfield universe.

Jameson – Alpha Centauri Star System

Jameson is situated contained in the Alpha Centauri star system and homes New Atlantis, the capital of the United Colonies Home. It’s a predominant hub for avid gamers to go and uncover.

Sidonia – Tue

Sidonia is a mining colony situated on Mars. It is likely one of the largest mining amenities inside the United Colonies, offering avid gamers with helpful assets to amass.

Akila Metropolis – Cheyenne Star System

Akila Metropolis is a part of an unbiased star system alliance often known as the Freestar Collective. Positioned inside the Cheyenne star system, this planet takes inspiration from Spaghetti Western settings and presents a singular ambiance.

Neon – Volley Star System

Neon, situated within the Volley star system, began out as a fishing settlement however has now grown into an leisure metropolis. It’s recognized for its vibrant nightlife and attracts folks with less-than-reputable intentions.

These are however a couple of of the confirmed planets in Starfield, and there could also be many extra unclaimed planets which have their very own factions and encounters to find.

all confirmed planets in starfield

Based mostly on the trailers launched for Starfield, the next planets have been confirmed as discoverable inside the sport:

Soul System

Mercury: barren planet

Venus: Enemy Planet

– Earth Planet

– Mars planet

– Jupiter: Gasoline Large

– Sat: Gasoline Large

– Uranus: gasoline huge

– Neptune: The Gasoline Large

– Pluto: Barren Planet

Io: Moon

alpha centauri star system

– Olivas: Gasoline Large

– Jameson: Planet

– Gagarin: Planet

Chawla: Moon

narion star system

Neera: Enemy Planet

Magreth: Barren Planet

Cheyenne Star System

– Akila: Planet

Nirah Star System

– Kazarah: Planet

– Kajal: Moon

Tau Ceti Star System

– Tau Ceti VIII: Planet

– Tau Ceti VIII-b: Moon

nemeria star system

– Nameria I: Unknown

– Nameria II: Unknown

– Nameria III: Unknown

– Nameria IV: Planet

– Nameria IV-A: Moon

narian system

– Vectra: Moon

– Ancelon: Planet

– Krit: Moon

Tidacha system

– Tidacha I: The Planets

alchiba system

– Alchiba IV: The Planets

– Alchiba IV-A: Unknown

– Alchiba VII-B: Moon

– Alchiba XB: Moon

porima system

– Porima I: Barren Planet

– Porima III: The Semi-Barren Planet

– Porima IV: Planet

– Porima IV-C: Moon

– Porima IV-D: Unknown

– Porima VA: Unknown


Starfield guarantees an thrilling and immersive expertise for gamers with an curiosity in house exploration. With over 1,000 planets to find, every with their very own distinctive options, the sport presents limitless prospects. Whether or not you are in search of liveable planets to settle or exploring the vastness of the universe for assets, Starfield invitations gamers to embark on an thrilling journey by means of the unknown.

Often Requested Questions

What number of planets are within the starfield?

Starfield has over 1,000 planets out there for avid gamers to find.

Are all of the planets in Starfield liveable?

No, solely 10% of the 1,000 planets within the Starfield are liveable. Nonetheless, the remaining planets nonetheless maintain worth for mined supplies and handcrafted encounters.

Which planets are thought of liveable in Starfield?

A few of the confirmed liveable planets in Starfield embody Jameson, Cydonia, Akila Metropolis, and Neon.

Can avid gamers arrange bases on every of the planets in Starfield?

No, gamers can discover every planet within the Starfield, however not all of them will enable the institution of bases. Nonetheless, mined supplies and handcrafted encounters can nonetheless be discovered on these planets.

Will there be hostile factions in Starfield?

Positive, there could possibly be hostile factions within the Starfield, together with the Pink Mile within the Porima system.


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